24 nov 2023

Celebrating Small Business Saturday with iScanner

For over a decade, there’s been a remarkable tradition of honoring small businesses and their contribution to local economies. Small Business Saturday, celebrated annually right after Thanksgiving, lands in the busy holiday season. At this time of year, small stores and service providers face overwhelming pressure from an increased number of customers. Since small businesses rely on a peculiar workflow, they often need to find solutions while on the go. As such, they tend to maintain documentation differently than large companies. That’s where iScanner comes in handy. In this post, we’ll reveal why iScanner fits small businesses perfectly—and why supporting them is so important.

How iScanner Helps Small Businesses

celebrating small business saturday with iscanner

Running a small business requires flexible and versatile tools to stay in the flow. Work-related issues come at a different pace, but with iScanner, they won’t ever take you by surprise again. The app allows you to manage documents even while on a business trip, and you won’t need a room full of office equipment. Simply put, iScanner is a feature-rich app that makes your life easy and is always available. By installing iScanner on your iOS or Android device, you receive access to multiple powerful tools:

  • Scan and save documents and papers, including bills, receipts, log sheets, and business cards. You can group them into separate folders dedicated to specific work-related topics. The app also displays all PDFs with small previews that allow you to recognize them easily. You can search any document by title and complete or partial keywords from the file name. 
  • Store your documentation in extensive cloud storage and access it from any device. The free version of iScanner offers 200 MB of free space to store your PDF files while upgrading to Pro will grant you 10 GB. That’ll be enough to keep thousands of documents. You can access them from any device authorized with your account, thanks to instant synchronization. Besides, you won’t need to worry about your privacy and security. Our cloud storage is powered by Amazon Web Services, a reputable platform valued by the world’s top businesses.
  • Sign contracts and invoices, fill out forms, and fill in tax returns and applications without printing. With iScanner, these tasks become simple and enjoyable. You won’t need to keep an obligated hard copy with you anymore. Sign any important document on your smartphone and share it with a recipient. The same goes for filling out forms and other similar tasks, as iScanner allows you to add text or checkmarks to PDF files.
celebrating small business saturday with iscanner
  • Edit your PDF files and make them look tidy and professional. The free version of iScanner offers many editing opportunities. You can insert shapes and images from your gallery into PDF files, highlight or hide some text elements, and add watermarks. You can also insert additional pages to existing documents or extract the ones you need the most. Besides, you can increase the quality of your scanned documents using Color Filters. The app’s premium version also includes several AI-powered tools. They allow you to sharpen blurred areas and straighten perspective distortions. If you accidentally capture your fingertips, you can remove them as well.
  • Convert document photos and images into editable and searchable text files. The Pro version of iScanner grants you access to our in-house OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool. It’s a powerful solution to recognize and turn any text into an editable PDF file. This way, you can change your documents and search for keywords in their content.
  • Optimize your warehouse duties. You’d be surprised, but iScanner is more than just a robust tool for handling documentation. The premium version includes the Count feature, which can accurately count any specific objects in the photo. There are numerous work-related scenarios in which this tool may be helpful. You only need to take a picture; AI will count for you. Another excellent dimensional tool is the Area feature. With it, iScanner turns into a digital ruler and 3D renderer. You can measure specific objects and calculate the dimensions of entire rooms to create their volumetric plans.

Supporting Small Businesses Benefits Us All

celebrating small business saturday with iscanner

Our stats show that many iScanner users are small business owners, self-employed specialists, and freelancers. These occupations often require working at a rapid pace that doesn’t always rely on solving issues within an office environment. Therefore, we’re working hard to offer as many convenient and robust tools and features as our users may need. It isn’t the only way to support small businesses from our side, but it’s an essential step forward.

It’s crucial to understand that relying on small local companies and service providers greatly benefits us all. The critical influence is investing money into your local economy instead of allowing it to drain abroad. Small businesses pay taxes to help form local budgets and create jobs for local communities. Basically, you invest in your well-being. Besides, shopping small is often a better experience. You can enjoy customized services and unique handmade products.

Another essential benefit of shopping small is that it allows you to avoid overcrowded retail stores and gigantic malls. This is especially true during the busy holiday season. Even shopping small online is beneficial, as it contributes to saving the environment from the impact of large businesses. In other words, what’s good for nature and your local economy is good for you. We greatly support this cause by supporting small businesses with tools that make their work more accessible. With this post, we aim to raise awareness and encourage our users to express their support all year round.

Appreciate Small Businesses and Show Your Support

iscanner small business community

Another busy shopping period is just around the corner. Now may be the perfect time to appreciate small businesses’ impact on our everyday lives. But it wouldn’t be a true celebration of small businesses without helping them. These pillars of local economies need our support, especially during these challenging times.

Thanks to the devoted community of iScanner, we’ve compiled a list of small businesses worldwide that may benefit from your support. It’s an excellent opportunity to express gratitude to hard-working local entrepreneurs. Look for available options in the presentation below and choose whichever one you find worthy of recognition.