10 mar 2023

Cloud Storage: Sync Across Platforms and Devices with iScanner

With so much to worry about and so much to do, we have become more reliant on our smartphones than ever before. We use them to work and study, pay the bills and shop online, keep in touch with friends and family, book flights and hotels, and edit and sign documents. No wonder nomophobia (the fear of losing your phone) has become a recognized ailment. But if we think about it, it’s not the device itself that people are so afraid to lose, but rather their data. After all, you can easily replace a lost phone with a new one that same day, but the files you have on it may be unique and very valuable. That’s why backing up your memorable photos and important documents is an excellent idea. We’re happy to announce that iScanner is releasing its most anticipated update—the cross-platform cloud storage.

The Benefits of Being Synced

Back Up Your Important Files

What if your phone is broken, stolen, or lost? Uploading your documents to iScanner’s cloud storage ensures that even if your device is gone, your files will remain secure and intact. Mind you, all files stored in the cloud are safeguarded by encryption, therefore, neither we nor any third party will be able to access their contents.

Work Where the Inspiration Hits You

Another great benefit of cloud sync is that you can continue work on your documents from any device you own. You can start editing on your phone and then switch to your tablet if you need a bigger screen. The Cloud will save and sync all the changes so that you can continue exactly where you left off. Plus, if you’re a premium user, you can use one subscription on all your devices. For more details on how to make that happen, please visit this blog post

Get Your Work Done Even if You’re Offline

If you run out of data or the internet is down, your files will still be available on your device. You can continue to work without interruption. All the changes you make in the meantime will be synchronized with the cloud once you’re back online. 

How It Works

Available for All iScanner Users 

Our Cloud Storage is available for both free and premium users. The only difference is the amount of storage space: 200Mb for free and 10Gb for premium users. 

Sign in and Sync in Real Time

To use the cloud storage, you need to sign in to the app. Go to Settings, and then tap Sign In or Sign Up. The app will then back up all your files to the cloud and synchronize them each time you make a change to a document. In the unlucky event that you lose your phone, all your documents will be automatically downloaded onto your new device once you sign in to the app. 

Sync Across Platforms

You can sync your files on any number of devices regardless of the platform. The important thing is that you need to be logged in with the same account. 

No Need to Manually Place Files in the Cloud

If you choose to use the cloud storage, all your files from the iScanner app will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. There’s no need to spend ages manually placing them in storage. 

You Decide Whether You Want to Upload Files to the Cloud

The Sync option will be active by default once you sign in to the app. You can turn off the synchronization whenever you like by tapping on the switcher. 

Don’t hesitate to try iScanner’s Cloud and sync your files across platforms and all your devices! It’s free and works on both iOS and Android.