High performance

iScanner is not limited to scanning. It allows you to edit and share documents and performs a number of other productivity improving functions.

We are willing to provide our users with all the tools they may need

iScanner has a variety of scanning modes as well as an advanced editing feature.

Multiple scan modes

Scan your documents

Scan your documents, IDs, receipts, and more to PDF or import documents from your camera roll. iScanner also has additional features for improved productivity:

Count mode

AI-based feature that helps to count many similar objects.


Feature designed to solve equations and math problems in one tap.


Automatic calculation of the length and area of different objects.

Text recognition

Easily extract text from a scanned page, edit and save it as a new document. This precise OCR text scanner recognizes 23+ languages and can even detect multiple languages within one document.

Easy document sharing

  • Scan documents to PDF, JPG, PPT, or convert them to TXT, EXCEL, DOC,  and share them in just a few taps
  • Print contracts and invoices right from the scanning app
  • Share and upload scanned documents to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive