Advanced technology

The iScanner app explores the potential of advanced technology to produce top-quality rectangular images. Even a crumpled sheet of paper will turn out readable if scanned with iScanner.

We are determined to deliver advanced technological solutions.

Even if you scan a document on the go or at an angle, you will get a perfectly clear, top-quality image. Artificial intelligence technology improves the process of scanning receipts, bills, and other personal documents.

AI and computer vision

Recognition is based on a self-learning neural network, which precisely detects borders and crops docs without quality loss.

Video stream analysis

iScanner does not just grab a separate photo but uses a video stream, matching several frames and choosing the best one, thereby increasing the sharpness and quality of the scanned object.

Advanced signature feature

Add a signature and a stamp from a photo. Smart technology allows you to extract signature and stamp from a photo in a gallery or from a newly-taken photo.