20 jul 2021

Turn Your Phone into a Digital Ruler

Nowadays, people seem to be glued to their phones: social media, games, online banking, dating apps, video streaming. Everything has gone mobile, giving us the opportunity to spend our leisure time on innumerable phone activities. However, smartphones are not only about entertainment. 

Every day we have to carry out mundane tasks. What if we didn’t have to expend so much energy on them? What if we had a portable assistant readily available whenever we needed it? That is exactly what the iScanner app is for.

Who needs it?

A ruler and a tape measure are generally not among the essential supplies everyone has at home. However, we all need them from time to time. You have to measure your daughter’s height to buy her a dress for a school play? You need a tape measure! You’re renovating your house and want to buy a new sofa but don’t know whether it will fit in your living room? You need a tape measure! You’re doing your geometry homework? Needless to say, you need a ruler! 

Or do you? 

The truth is that you don’t. If you have a phone in your pocket, the ruler and the tape measure become redundant. You can open iScanner and measure anything you want in a few taps. But is it really that simple, you might ask?

How does it work?

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Although the iScanner app uses a complex technology of augmented reality, all you have to do is open it on your iPhone and choose the Area mode. Then move your device around until you see a circle with a white dot. Set the circle at the starting point and move your device to the endpoint. After you do that, you can open a document with the measurement, which can be rotated or deleted. In addition, you can choose the necessary paper size and change the units of measure. 

That’s how you take a single measurement, but you’re not limited to that. iScanner is also able to calculate the area of an object. To do that, measure all sides of an object and then superimpose the starting point over the endpoint. The app will do all the calculations, and you will get a measurement document that can be saved, edited with the help of special tools, and shared.

Is it accurate?

How sensible is it to rely on your iPhone if you need to measure something? Based on advanced technology, the Area mode can indeed replace conventional tools like a ruler and a tape measure. However, all that wizardry going on inside your smartphone is not enough for professional engineers or architects to abandon their usual ways of measuring.

The accuracy of measurements depends on a number of factors, including the angle, the distance, the lighting conditions, and more. Though it’s impossible to envisage all possible options, developers are working tirelessly to deliver solutions that may one day replace old tools.

The world is constantly evolving, and technology is moving forward with it. Not so long ago, we couldn’t even imagine that information would be available in a few clicks, let alone that our trusted tools would become relics of the past. But here we are, looking for new ways to make our life easier. iScanner is no exception and will continue to keep up with the world and deliver high-quality technological solutions designed by people and for people.

Try digital ruler on your mobile phone today!