17 apr 2024

Going Paperless for Earth Day with iScanner

Earth Day is just around the corner! At iScanner, we saw this as an excellent opportunity to draw our users’ attention to the issue of perpetually increasing paper consumption. Our busy lifestyles often force us to forget about the environmental impact our everyday work routines have on nature. Fortunately, according to our recent research, iScanner users are aware of this impact, trying to reevaluate it and adopt new, sustainable practices. Individuals can confidently explore ways of going paperless to help our planet and sustain the environment, as it’s not just about large companies that can turn the tide. To encourage this mindset in iScanner users, we’re happy to announce our newest feature—inspiring eco-achievements to demonstrate how much it takes to put an end to uncontrollable paper consumption and deforestation.

Eco-Achievements to See Your Impact on the Nature

Earth Day with iScanner image 06

At iScanner, we’ve decided to allow users to see how much they’re contributing to saving forests by using iScanner daily. To get involved, all you need is to install or run the app on your iOS or Android device and start exporting documents instead of printing. Each action you take brings you closer to the goal of saving trees, earning you inspiring achievements like “Trunk Keeper” or “Timber Guardian.” If you’re a registered user, you’ll see your progress on the Home screen. If you aren’t signed in, you’ll see the total contribution of all iScanner users instead. 

To save a small tree, you’ll have to export 4,000 pages. While this number may sound quite intimidating, just imagine how much paper you save from going to waste! According to a survey we conducted in March, Americans take the issue of overusing paper quite seriously. Fortunately, many of our users are taking steps to reduce their paper consumption, relying more on digital tools.

With iScanner, you’ll be encouraged to follow your paperless journey with new and exciting achievements that you can share to display your involvement in saving nature. According to the latest reports, paper consumption continues to grow every year. Luckily, with iScanner’s eco-achievements, you now have access to a different, more encouraging kind of statistics where every exported document counts.

How iScanner Contributes to Environmental Preservation

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It isn’t always apparent, but every printed sheet of paper, cardboard packaging, or toilet paper roll has once been a part of a lively tree. Humanity is so dependent on various forms of paper that deforestation has become one of the most dangerous environmental hazards caused by our activity on the planet. With the advent of modern technology, however, new ways of helping nature have emerged. For instance, a mobile scanner app like iScanner can directly address deforestation by decreasing the dependence on paper.

Basically, by scanning and exporting documents as digital files instead of printing them, you can significantly decrease the demand for paper. In return, this will help save many trees, especially if iScanner is used on a larger scale. All it takes is to integrate the app into your daily workflow. Paperless meetings and digital documentation help reduce paper consumption, effectively resulting in environmental preservation. And there’s no need for bulky scanning equipment, as a smartphone is more than enough.

Creating a Paperless Work Environment

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Ultimately, reducing dependence on paper documents in the work environment contributes to shifting toward a completely paperless workflow. Using a mobile scanner app may seem like the most straightforward approach, but there are several other ways in which you can decrease paper consumption:

  • Opt for web or mobile applications to share essential documents before the scheduled meetings. You may have heard the expression, “This entire meeting could have been an email.” And while it’s not necessarily true, incorporating emails into your routine and sending crucial information to coworkers instead of handing them printed documents is a significant step toward going paperless.
  • Another approach would be to host remote meetings via conference calls. In this case, there’s no need for paper whatsoever. Even taking notes during such meetings can be done on a laptop or smartphone, while important files or presentation slides can be shared digitally.
  • A complete and sudden shift toward a paperless work environment may have a short-term negative impact on the workflow. A gradual and meaningful conversion may benefit your business, coworkers, or yourself more. Start small by trying to print less, sharing documents online more often, and avoiding making extra copies that’ll end up in waste.

Benefits of Going Paperless Beyond Sustainability

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Going paperless—or at least making a significant step toward such a practice—can unlock many benefits beyond sustainability. By contributing to environmental preservation through incorporating scanner apps, companies can enjoy enhanced efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. After all, a business can only be truly interested in environment-friendly practices if they offer a profitable outcome in return. Luckily, this is the case with iScanner, as using the app comes with multiple advantages for businesses:

  • Increased productivity. Going paperless eliminates the time spent printing, distributing, and organizing paper documents. As a result, it allows for a more focused and efficient working experience.
  • Increased efficiency. Digital documents are much easier to manage, organize, and search than their paper counterparts. Employees can quickly locate specific information, saving valuable time and boosting overall productivity.
  • Cost savings. Reducing paper consumption translates to savings on printing, paper supplies, and equipment maintenance. Additionally, digital storage eliminates the need for physical storage space for countless folders.
  • Enhanced security. Sensitive information stored in iScanner can be protected with PIN codes and digital Safe folders, minimizing the risk of loss or unauthorized access. This is particularly crucial for businesses handling confidential client data or financial records.
  • Improved collaboration. iScanner facilitates seamless document sharing and collaboration among team members, regardless of their physical location. This effectively streamlines communication and accelerates project completion, further boosting productivity.