20 apr 2022

Earth Day 2022: iScanner & Recycling.com initiative

Meet Declutter & Digitize guide on how to declutter mindfully, recycle effectively, and go paperless.

Every year on April the 22nd, the world celebrates Earth Day. For us, it’s not just another date to make a formal statement about how much we care. For iScanner sustainability is our core value. Designed to help people build a more sustainable workflow, iScanner has been saving natural resources from its inception in 2015. 

Our users save nearly 500,000,000 sheets of paper annually–that’s 50,000 trees and 80 acres of forest and forest life each year at the very least! 

2022 Earth Day’s motto is “Invest in sustainable business.” That’s why this year we’ve teamed up with Recycling.com, a true expert and, like us, a dedicated force in promoting a zero-waste lifestyle. Together, we have created a Special Guide to help people adopt sustainable habits and go paperless. 

It’s no secret that going paperless can be tricky. People find it difficult to sort through and tidy up their paper piles for several reasons. For one thing, they might feel anxious about throwing away documents. There’s always a bit of doubt, like what if you need it later, or a regulatory agency requests it, not to mention the issue of potential exposure of sensitive personal information. Secondly, it’s a slow, tedious process that provides little to no satisfaction. When you clean up your kitchen, you’re immediately gratified by the look of shiny appliances, but a tidy drawer in your desk is far less obvious. And lastly, a lot of papers in our homes have sentimental value to us. For this reason, it can sometimes be painful to get rid of them.  

With this in mind, we have created our Declutter & Digitize guide. It has useful info on: 

  • what documents should be kept as hard copies at all times, and what you can bin without a second thought;
  • how to deal with papers you have an emotional attachment to;
  • how to recycle effectively and responsibly;
  • how to make easy steps towards a more sustainable paperless lifestyle.

It also addresses the issue of securing personal data on your documents. Our partner Recycling.com has some nice solutions to that.

As James Clear so rightly says in his best-selling book Atomic Habits,“Good habits make time your ally. Bad habits make time your enemy. Getting one percent better every day counts for a lot in the long-run.”

Please feel free to download our guide and use it. Let’s make time our ally! The steps we suggest might seem small, but 80 million small steps can add up to make a huge difference. Share this with friends and family if you agree with us!