04 may 2022

Why Is Efficient File Management Important

How iScanner can help

Admittedly, very few people get excited when it comes to the subject of file organization, but having a well-organized digital storage system isn’t about being pedantic. It’s about saving your precious time for more exciting things. 

According to the Intelligent Information Management Benchmark Report, 86% of workers admitted to having faced difficulties trying to locate documents, and 83% said they had to recreate documents that already existed because they were unable to find them.  

An efficient file management system is crucial for productivity. What’s more, having easy access to it regardless of where you are is just as important. A reliable and handy mobile app seems like a perfect solution. 

It really pays off to create clearly named folders for different types of documents in your app, like work, home, medical records, tax records, car maintenance, etc. You need to do it only once, and then each time you scan or upload a document, you no longer have to think about where it belongs. 

To help our users run their digital storage efficiently, we have been improving the file organization system in iScanner to make the app not only a full-cycle mobile document editor but also an efficient file management tool. 

This time, we have updated the context menu in iScanner. Now all the commands are neatly organized in one place.

Just hit the dots right next to the doc or folder and choose what you would like to do from the options: 

  • Rename your file or folder with a clear, specific name to make it easily searchable for you going forward (e.g. Lucy Mitchel Contract, Washing Machine Warranty, Invoice #1359687_19May)
  • Move to a dedicated folder for proper organization (e.g. Personal Documents, Invoices Apr2022, Medical bills, Tax Records)
  • Share with other people via email, messengers, or any other platform you use, including Canvas and Google Classroom
  • Lock with a PIN code or FaceID to protect sensitive data 
  • Split into several different files for easier handling, review, and edits
  • Merge several files into one. For more detail about the Split&Merge function, check out this post.
  • ZIP your large files to save storage space and mobile data. If you need to send a bunch of docs in different formats, you can move them all to one folder and share a compressed ZIP version rather than sending them one by one. For more info on how to export like a pro, check out our blog post here.