14 apr 2022

How to Edit, Split, & Merge PDF Files Anywhere

PDF is probably the most popular file format in use today, and it’s gaining popularity every year. Whichever line of work or studies you choose, you will need to deal with lots of PDF files. Therefore, it’s important to have a useful tool at hand to be able to edit them efficiently. 

iScanner is an app that allows you to scan anything into PDF format, edit, e-sign, print directly from the app, and share files using just your mobile device. This April, we are implementing a new feature that will make managing PDF documents even more convenient. 

Split & Merge 

Need a colleague to review two pages out of a 50-page document? No problem! Upload it to iScanner, select the pages in question, and extract them into a separate file. Share it via email or other platforms or print out directly from the app if you have to. You can also highlight text, add comments or images to facilitate the review process. 

Urgently need to send several separate documents as a single file but you’re away from your PC? You can do it very easily and quickly via iScanner: upload or scan your documents, select them from your saved files, and hit “Merge”. 

You can even put together materials for an upcoming class on the go. Select pages with the theory sections from one text book, practical exercises from another, and combine them into a ready-to-use PDF file. You can also split them into multiple files. Share the file with your students via Google Сlassroom or print out directly from the app. 

With Split & Merge, you can select any number of pages, rearrange or rotate pages, edit, and, very importantly, save the original files to help you track changes.  

It will take you no time to learn how to do it thanks to the intuitive and handy design—see for yourself.

How to split a PDF file into several files or extract pages 

  1. Upload your PDF file to iScanner or choose one of the existing files.
  2. Select any number of pages you want to extract (you can handpick them or set a range, e.g. p. 137–154).
  3. Tap Split and choose whether you want them to be a single file or separate files. 

How to merge two or more PDF files 

  1. Upload your PDF files to iScanner or choose from the existing files.
  2. Select PDF files you want to merge. 
  3. Long tap if you need to rearrange the order of your files.
  4. Tap Merge and choose whether you want to keep the originals. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our Split & Merge feature. Let us know your thoughts in the reviews!