01 sep 2021

Sharing is Caring: Exploring iScanner Export Options

In the modern world, we tend to rely more and more on our gadgets in everyday life. Our devices are filled with applications that provide a wide range of features. And when thinking about these features, we rarely pay attention to export options, considering them insignificant compared to price and design.

However, you can’t turn a blind eye to export options, especially if you need to share the results of your work with your colleagues or friends. A good scanning app will offer various export solutions that preserve document quality. One of those apps is iScanner—it provides many opportunities to export documents in the easiest, safest, and fastest of ways.

Export like a pro

iScanner has taken export options seriously for years. The app offers three file formats to export your documents—JPG, TXT, and PDF. All of them have their unique purpose:

  • JPG is designed for exporting scanned pictures, images, and photos
  • TXT is recommended for exporting articles and contracts
  • PDF is great for work and study files with pictures and charts

Try it now!

iScanner allows you to export your document to a number of locations. You can share the scanned file using any suitable app on your device. In a matter of a few taps, you can export a postcard from your significant other to your Facebook page so all your friends can see it! 

You can also use your email to export a file to a friend, colleague, or even yourself. If you’re studying from home, you can scan your homework and immediately send it to your teacher’s email. AirDrop, Nearby Share, Bluetooth, and other services are all possible options for export. Use them to send tickets for a Friday night football match to your friends.

iScanner provides an opportunity to send your files to a printer from the app—just be sure the printer is connected to your mobile phone! Also, iScanner export options include a fax feature. Download our Fax app in advance to send contracts, receipts, and schedules to your colleagues across the globe.

Discover ZIP export 

What if you need to export more than one file? Your boss may ask you to send several large reports, or your parents may need your help in scanning family photos. It can take hours to export every single file. With iScanner, however, you can export them in a ZIP to save time. Export a folder, a document, or even several pages from a document by adding them to a ZIP archive. Furthermore, you can choose the file format of the documents—JPG, PDF, or TXT—inside ZIP. 

ZIP archives are easier to store, as their size is smaller compared to regular folders. They occupy less space on your gadget, allowing you to free up space for other files and apps. ZIP archives also preserve the quality of the document better than any other export option. After the export, you can easily unzip the archive on your computer or other devices.

People of all professions can benefit from iScanner’s ZIP export option. Artists can be confident that their work will be scanned and exported in the best quality. Busy managers won’t have to worry whether they’ve attached all their scanned files to an email—now they need only add a single zip folder. And schoolchildren will be grateful for the free space on their iPhones they can fill with other apps and media.

Use Wi-Fi transfer option

It’s no secret that people use multiple devices for work-related activities. You start your day by turning on the computer. During a work call, you may check your work email on your mobile phone. And in the evening, when you give a presentation to colleagues, you may use a tablet to keep bullet points at hand. All these processes require a continuous turnover of files and documents, and you have to use third-party apps for exporting documents from one device to another. Have you ever thought about how time consuming this is? Fortunately, iScanner has a solution. With Wi-Fi transfer, you can export your files directly from your iPhone or iPad to your computer and vice versa.

Wi-Fi transfer may sound like a complicated process, but it’s actually quite clear and simple. It links iScanner on your iPhone with the browser version of the app. Note that both devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi. After you link your devices, you can export any file or folder stored in the app. Don’t have a necessary folder for export? You can create one on the Wi-Fi transfer page. Don’t like its name? Rename it. Try Wi-Fi transfer just once, and you’ll see how quick and easy file export can be.

There are plenty of ways you can use Wi-Fi transfer in your day-to-day activities. Office workers may find Wi-Fi transfer handy, as it offers instant file export. Students can send their in-class assignments directly to their professor’s computer. And stay-at-home parents will have an easier time keeping all their scanned checks, receipts, and bills in one place on their computer.

As the world around us moves ever faster, every minute saved can make a difference. Here at iScanner, we are focused on making our features less time- and effort-consuming and reinventing our app’s export options to make them more convenient for our users. And we’ve done it! Now iScanner offers a variety of solutions for everyone interested in fast and high-quality export.