05 oct 2023

How to Password Protect a PDF File for Free

Protecting a PDF file with a password is a highly requested feature that often turns into a much more challenging task than it should be. For instance, if you’re looking for a solution on how to password-protect a PDF file, quite a lot of apps and services require you to pay for a subscription. Luckily, iScanner offers this essential functionality without hiding it behind a paywall. You can simply download the app and protect your important or confidential documents whenever you need to share them. As for free online tools that may sound like reasonable alternatives, there are some downsides. The most obvious one is uploading your PDF files to a third-party server for the sake of password-protection. Needless to say, this leaves your documents exposed. With iScanner, you don’t have to worry about data safety. Besides, securing a PDF file with a password takes only a few moments and comes with several indisputable benefits.

Why Choose iScanner to Password Protect a PDF File

If you’ve decided to protect a certain PDF file with a password, you’re probably planning to share this particular document with someone. That’s where iScanner’s powerful functionality comes into play:

  • First of all, the app offers a simple way of exporting PDF files. You can send them immediately via messenger or upload to your preferred file storage directly from iScanner.
  • Unlike most apps, iScanner allows users to password protect their files for free.
  • You don’t need to worry about losing access to the source file either, as you aren’t setting a password for it directly. Instead, you only have to password-protect the file you’re exporting. Consequently, the recipient won’t have access to your original document because they’ll only get the password-protected copy.
  • Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about forgetting the password you’ve just used to protect a file. Since your original document isn’t affected by these actions, you can simply choose to export it a second time with a different password.
  • As a nice perk, iScanner also allows users to password-protect ZIP archives, which might come in handy.

How to Password Protect a PDF File Using iScanner

1) Install the app on your iOS or Android device.

2) Run iScanner and select your file. Tap the “Share” button in the top-right corner.

3) Next, switch from ‘Link’ to ‘File’ and toggle the “Set a password” switch.

how to password protect a PDF

4) Tap the PDF icon, and password fields will appear. Enter your password and confirm it. Then, tap ‘Set.’

5) Finally, export the PDF file and provide the recipient with the password.

Other iScanner Features You Might Find Useful

If you’re looking for a tool to protect a PDF file with a password, iScanner is an excellent solution. If this isn’t a one-time situation, and you frequently work with documents, you may want to stick with the app for longer because it offers a wide range of features:

  • Document scanning. This is the primary functionality of the app. It allows you to immediately scan any document in high quality (up to 300 dpi). You can also extract text to save as a PDF file and share any scanned documents and password-protect them if needed.
how to edit text in PDF
  • Built-in PDF editor. With this feature, you get access to all popular editing actions, such as changing or adding text, importing images, ordering pages, or highlighting important sections. Moreover, you can easily fill out forms or sign documents, split or merge PDF files, compress them into ZIP archives, and even rearrange the page order.
  • Cloud storage. Handling a library of numerous PDF files may sound intimidating, but with iScanner’s safe cloud storage, it becomes a pleasure. You’ll never lose important documents because they’ll be in a single space accessible from any device of your choice. Most importantly, all changes automatically synchronize—just don’t forget to sign in with your account.

Last but not least, the features mentioned above—including the often-requested option to password-protect a PDF file—are available to all iScanner users regardless of whether they opt for the free version of the app or choose to upgrade to Pro. In case you want to get a taste of the benefits that come with the Pro version, you can do it for free thanks to our referral program. With it, you’ll be granted access to iScanner Pro for a whole month.