30 may 2021

Simple Ways to Protect Your Digital Privacy

Follow these simple steps to secure your valuable personal information.

Online privacy is an important issue today. In our highly competitive world, companies invest a great deal of resources to learn more about their customers so they can offer relevant products and services and boost their sales. If you do some research on the web, you might be surprised by how much information about you is freely available: your address, phone number, family and friends, interests and habits, current location, job and income, and much, much more! The idea that whenever you browse, text, or talk online, your activity is being monitored, tracked, and analyzed might give rise to a twinge of panic.

That’s why it’s a top priority to keep our digital lives safe, especially now, when more and more people are turning to a “paper-free lifestyle,” both in the office and at home. All in all, it’s handy to have access to all your papers anywhere, anytime. So we install scanning apps and digitalize everything, from personal documents or business contracts to cooking recipes and magazine articles. The good news is that providing security is really not that complicated with the right apps on your iPhone!

Here are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your valuable information while using mobile apps for your day-to-day business, educational, or entertainment needs.

Be Choosy with Apps You Install

It’s always smart to be on the safe side. This rule also applies to the apps you install on your device. Make sure you download them from the official app store and check user reviews about the app’s features. It’s also wise to read the information about the developers and find out where the publisher is headquartered.

Reputable applications like iScanner that are covered by the General Data Protection Regulation take privacy and security issues very seriously. Businesses and individuals who handle sensitive information can use the iScanner app to capture and share documents securely without any data leaks. It means that the documents you scan and work with are stored only in the app. Third parties and app developers have no access to them. However, you should still be careful when sharing your personal data with others or saving it elsewhere outside the secure apps.

Secure Your Documents

Today our sensitive personal information fits in the palm of our hands—inside our mobile phones. And it can become an overwhelming privacy nightmare to defend against the wide range of security threats confronting our devices. What can we do to stay safe?

The basic thing to remember is to lock your phone every time you stop using it. Having to type a password every time you want to check your phone is a pain, but it’s worth it. When you leave your phone unwatched or, worst-case scenario, when it’s stolen, outsider access to your personal files, banking and shopping apps, email accounts, and social media profiles will be blocked.

The iScanner app offers several lock options: PIN, password, fingerprint, or face recognition. Whichever option you choose, it’s a good starting point.

Take Control of Your Apps’ Permissions

For a long time, app permissions were something a regular iPhone user knew nothing about. But in this era of privacy breaches and cybercriminal attacks, we are given the power to decide. Why not use such a privilege?

App permissions are complex, and their numbers can differ according to their functionality. Business utilities usually ask for access to your storage or contacts, entertainment apps and games may need access to your camera or microphone, messengers and social media apps request your location, accounts, etc.

Managing the apps on your phone is good housekeeping. You can always check the permissions you have enabled by heading to the “Privacy” section in the system Settings. Here, you can see which apps have access to things like your location, photos, and other personal information.

While there’s no guarantee of perfect privacy in the age of digital vulnerability, there are still some tweaks that can secure your phone now and save you from a nasty headache in the future. When scanning important, sensitive documents with your iPhone, make sure to use an app from a reputable, reliable company. iScanner provides clear security and privacy policies, eliminating the possibility of users’ data being sold or shared without their consent.