28 may 2021

iScanner, Helping Small Business Grow

Starting a small business is no small decision. And when you decide to run a business of your own, you want to make sure everything is thoroughly prepared: the research is done, the business plan is written, the numbers are calculated, and the team is built.

Once you have it all in place, you have to deal with paperwork, which can quickly become a source of stress unless everything is kept neat and organized. Accounting and bookkeeping records, contacts, correspondence, balance sheets, taxes, and employee records—all these papers add up quickly as your business grows, and tending to them consumes a lot of time and resources. It might slip your mind—as you think of it as something you’ll “get around to eventually”—but it’s really important to find appropriate productivity tools to help manage your docs and allow you to focus on the things that really matter.

If you want to declutter, it might be time to go paperless with the iScanner app—a handy mobile application for scanning, saving, and sharing paper documents in PDF or JPEG.

Below are some tips on how iScanner can be used by small-business owners to increase productivity.

Easy Scanning, Instant Sharing

Contracts for your partners or clients, receipts for tracking expenses or for tax reporting, paper notes and mind-maps with brilliant business ideas—the scanning app you select should be able to easily scan all the documents you need. iScanner digitizes and renders clear, crisp images that can be instantly sent in a variety of ways as PDF, JPG, or TXT files. It’s a must-have for everyone involved in a small business: accountants, realtors, managers, and lawyers. Once you know how to manage papers efficiently and send docs quickly, you can be far more productive!

Tip-Top Document Management

When scanning documents with iScanner, there are many options available to keep those documents in perfect order. Optical character recognition (OCR) allows the app to easily read the text in your documents and convert it into editable files that can be easily organized the way you want. With “File Manager” and “Document Editor” features, this mobile scanner can be a huge timesaver for a small business! You can also lock folders and files with a PIN when you need to add a level of security to confidential files.

On-the-Go Editing & Signing

Business requires adjustability and quick decision-making. One of the biggest advantages of being your own boss is that you have more flexibility with choices: from work schedules and break times to work-from-home options for you and your employees. The same is true for tailoring your service offerings to clients and customers. The iScanner mobile app turns multiple pages into a single doc and includes advanced editing tools for tweaking perspective and borders, applying filters, adjusting contrast, and correcting or changing orientation.

The E-signature feature with the option to create and save several signatures lets you quickly sign documents from a mobile device. With this all-in-one scanning solution, you can meet the expectations of the rapidly changing business environments more efficiently and modify your offerings, seizing hot opportunities while they are still hot!

Counting & Measuring Modes

If you’re a product-based business, you might benefit from the iScanner’s next-gen features aimed at helping to monitor product stocks, measure objects’ length, and calculate area.

The app now includes several modes that can be assets for startups and small businesses: AREA for gauging the size and dimensions of objects, and COUNT for calculating similar objects automatically with a camera.

Plus, since these additional options are accessible from a single app, they can be used not only for your day-to-day business processes, but also for your personal to-do list.

Running a small business can sometimes be challenging, but it’s a very exciting process. Manager, problem solver, documents whiz—you may wear a lot of hats, but you must always remain agile and efficient. Gone are the days of time-consuming paperwork, driving from office to office to sign docs, and sending files to coworkers or business partners by email.

Communication is now virtual. Offices go paperless. And if you’re looking to increase productivity and organization—or just make your life as an entrepreneur a little easier—give iScanner a try! This lightweight but feature-rich mobile app will help you get work done from anywhere, at any time.