06 jul 2021

Scanner App to Automate Your Counting

All of us have studied numbers at school and know how to count, right? But the task of accurately counting piles of similar objects or performing stock inventory can be tiring and time-consuming. We’re lucky to live in the age of advanced technology that helps people work faster, more accurately, and more efficiently.

A scanner app that can count

Today, businesses and organizations of all sizes are turning to quick and easy solutions that help to get work done from anywhere, at any time. The iScanner app is yet another example of a multifunctional tool with a range of handy functions for scanning, editing, and organizing papers. The app boasts over 70 million downloads and has been tested and trusted by both small and large businesses. With the new Count mode, it reaches a new level: using artificial intelligence (AI), the app makes it possible for everyone to count things with a mobile phone camera. This feature, along with document scanning and file converting, comes with a wide use case and proves to be a true gift for anyone who deals with inventory, merchandising, and other day-to-day tasks that challenge tallying skills.

How it works

To get started, users need to open the iScanner app, choose the Count mode, and take a picture of the objects they want to count. The app will do the rest—the process is completely automated through AI. However, if needed, some adjustment and result correction can be made manually.

Even though iScanner is quite user-friendly and does a good job at identifying objects, it is important to follow some basic tips for successful counting. 

First, make sure to use proper lighting that spreads equally around your objects. Also, try to make the objects fit into the rectangular frame. It may require adjusting your camera’s position so that you don’t scan from too far or too close. If the app fails to identify the objects to be counted, try to fit one of them into the frame manually by zooming the photo in and out. 

Once the scanning is finished and all objects are calculated, you can review the result, correct distortions, or change the color mode, and then save and share it as a document.

The object recognition feature is an important advance in AI. Developers have trained their apps to recognize similar objects with a mobile camera, tag them with an easy-to-follow number sequence, and finally count them all—quickly and accurately. Such digital processes significantly increase productivity and make our lives easier. The iScanner is a pioneer among similar apps, as it puts AI in the palm of your hand. The app’s interface makes it easy to switch between modes and choose the ones that best meet your current challenges.

Try object recognition feature with your mobile phone—it works on both iOS and Android.