29 jun 2022

How to Make Your Scanned Docs Look Perfect

See how iScanner can make your documents better than they are 

You’ve probably heard of or used photo filters in social media and graphic editors, or HDR modes on digital cameras. They are super handy tools that allow you to make your photos better than they are by cropping, changing the color scheme, and adjusting exposure, saturation, and hue. 

iScanner uses the same approach but with documents and scans to help you make them look perfect. Multiple handy edit tools in the app allow you to make your documents better than they are in just a few taps. 

Check out what you can do in the document editor 

We have updated our editor with new color filter options. Make a scan or upload a file to iScanner and tap Edit in the bottom left. 

The Edit icon’s resemblance to a magic wand is deliberate, as it’s a magical tool. With it, you can crop, rotate, change the color scheme, and perfectly adjust the brightness, hue, and saturation without even needing to think about what these parameters are called. 

Apart from the color filters, the new editor allows you to: 

  • Change the page format more easily—you can choose between A4, A5, Legal, Letter, or Business card and see the result immediately right in the app, not just after printing. 
  • Apply changes to all pages. Why do it manually to every single page if it can all be done automatically in a second? 

What do the new color filters do?

They allow you to change the color scheme of your scans and documents in one tap. Basically, it’s a smart filter that has a set of color schemes you can apply to a selected page or all pages in a document. Within each of the four color filters, there is one slider control that manages a whole array of parameters like brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and more. By moving the slider control, you can adjust several parameters at once and see the effect in real time. 

How to make colored pictures look perfect

IIf you have ever tried to change the color scheme of a document containing color images to black and white, you probably know that it’s not as simple as it sounds. For instance, if you print out a document containing color images with a black-and-white printer, you might not like the result. The images on your document will be far less detailed, and people’s faces might be oddly distorted. That’s because the bright areas are going to appear too bright and the dark areas too dark on print, so that the small details of the pictured objects will be lost. 

Graphic editors have several solutions to this issue, but it requires a PC, and you’ll need time to learn how to do it. You’ll also need to make adjustments to all your images one by one. 

With iScanner, you can fix this problem in a tap. Just upload your document to the app, change the color scheme to grayscale, and adjust the slider control until you see the perfect picture. Tap Apply to All, and the printed version of your document, including all the images, will look just perfect. 

Make your scanned documents with colored images look perfect
Make your scanned documents with colored images look perfect

Tidy up your your notes by scanning them

If there’s a minor smudge or stain on a note you need to share, you can quickly get rid of it by playing around with color filters and the slider control. Just scan the note, and see how tidier it can look if you simply change the color scheme to black and white or slightly adjust exposure. 

Make your scanned notes look perfect by changing the color scheme
Make your scanned notes look perfect by changing the color scheme

See what else you can do in iScanner’s document editor to make your documents look professional.