03 jun 2021

AI-Technologies for Documents Scanning: Match Made in Heaven?


AI-technologies are relatively young, but they seem to have made inroads in almost all spheres of our lives. E-Commerce and finance, healthcare and logistics—all businesses are integrating neural networks for various purposes, from personalizing users’ experience to fraud detection. Business apps are no exception.

Neural networks are widely used by business app developers, especially those working with electronic document management. With a bag of powerful attributes like adaptive learning, self-organization, real-time operation, prognosis, and fault tolerance, they can carry out many important tasks.

One of these tasks is document scanning. Today, several scanner developers are introducing AI that showers users with beneficial features. The iScanner app stands out among them. Here’s why.

AI and computer vision

From the very beginning, the iScanner developers set out to create a powerful tool that builds on the advantages of AI. Today, this app facilitates automation of business processes, leaving more room for creative development in the workspace and, consequently, better performance.

How does it work? Recognition in this app is based on a self-learning neural network, which helps to detect borders and crop scanned documents without quality loss. For example, scanning a white paper lying on a white table won’t confuse the app: the document detection system will accurately detect the borders and produce a perfect-quality image.

Video stream analysis

Precise border detection is not the only factor on which image quality depends. Scanning starts with taking a photo. Whether this photo turns out good enough depends on a variety of factors, from lighting to the stress level of those taking it. To eliminate risks, the iScanner team decided to scrap individual photos and use video streams instead. The app compares several frames and chooses the best one, thus increasing the sharpness of the scan.

Perspective transformation

Scanning and delivering a high-quality image is far from the only benefit of the joint iScanner-AI work. The iScanner app excels at perspective transformation as well. Thanks to this feature, even a crumpled sheet of paper can be turned into a rectangular image.

Document scanning is not the only area that can capitalize on neural networks. iScanner’s machine learning engineers are working closely with optical character recognition technology to provide users with better text recognition and are improving algorithms for the Count mode to deliver accurate counting results.

Today, despite the growing popularity of mobile apps that are progressively taking over the market, users don’t feel confident using them for administrative tasks and document management. This makes it necessary to come up with new solutions for business apps—AI-powered intelligent assistants being so far one of the most useful and successful ones. Easy and intuitive to use, they prove that using neural networks in business apps can fundamentally transform the way we deal with documents, allowing more time for creative tasks.

Check how it works in the iScanner app!