25 jun 2024

Document Organization Made Easy with AI File Name Generator

Here’s a little brain teaser for you—what’s less of a headache: 

  • Spending a few minutes naming a new file EVERY TIME you scan


  • WASTING TIME looking for the right one because they’re all named something like “Document22”? 

Kind of a tough choice. Well, guess what? With iScanner, you no longer have to do either! No more naming hassles or search missions for your files. We give you Smart Naming—an AI-powered file name generator.

Why Is Document Organization Important

As more of our work and personal life moves online, it’s essential to keep our digital spaces as organized as our physical ones. Proper naming is key for document organization because it provides: 

  • Efficiency: You can quickly find docs without wasting time.
  • Clarity: Understand the content of a file at a glance.
  • Collaboration: Well-organized files are easier to share and work on with others.
  • Data Security: Organized files are less likely to get lost or accidentally deleted.

How to Organize Paperwork and Keep It That Way

If you have a habit of scanning everything, good for you—it’s a win all around and step one when learning how to organize paperwork. 

KEEPING your scans and files organized is a whole different animal, though, and usually takes consistent effort. There are two ways to keep them tidy and easy to find: 

  • Moving scans to the right folder right after scanning. Sounds good in theory but not exactly practical unless you don’t mind blocking people’s paths at a grocery store trying to find the right folder for a receipt you’ve just scanned. 
  • Carving out some time once a week to move new scans to their proper locations. This is a more sustainable strategy although it can be a real pain if the file names in your repository don’t give you a clue about the document’s contents. 

This is where Smart Naming comes into play! 

document organization

Smart Naming: AI-OCR-driven File Name Generator

Smart Naming is our new feature that will do the heavy lifting of document organization for you! It leverages the power of generative AI and OCR capabilities of the iScanner app to quickly scan the contents of a document and give it a name that will make it immediately obvious. The app first utilizes its OCR algorithm to recognize the text in the scanned document and then AI generates a descriptive and concise name based on the contents.

How to Use Smart Naming

To score all the benefits of proper file naming and document organization, all you need to do is tap the right switch to activate it. Here’s how to activate Smart Naming: 

  1. Tap the profile icon in the bottom-right to enter the settings menu. 
  2. Next, tap Document Name Format. 
  3. Now, choose Automatic. All done! Going forward, all files will be given names automatically based on their contents. 

The Benefits of Smart Naming for Document Organization

Imagine you’re looking for that one PDF of the last month’s report. How much easier would it be if, instead of wading through a sea of ‘New Folder (2)’, ‘0140AD_ad-33-522’, and Document1 you could find ‘Sales_Report_March_2024.pdf’ right off the bat? Having all your files properly named allows you to pinpoint what you’re after with laser speed and precision. 

  • Saves time! Proper file names make them easy to find and organize for storage. 
  • Saves space. Ever saved a document, then saved it again because you couldn’t find the original? Doesn’t sound too bad until you try to delete the duplicate but can’t remember which of the two you edited…
  • Reduces stress. When you can easily find what you need, you feel like you’ve got everything under control. 
  • Increases productivity. We’re more focused and productive when not distracted by annoying tasks like file search. 

What About the Existing Files in the App?

Once you enable automatic naming in the app’s settings, Smart Naming will name all new scans going forward. However, it won’t rename existing files or those you import. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to resort to manual search for your old files. 

Instead, you can quickly find any document in iScanner using the Content Search feature. Just type in any word or combination of words that might be in the document, and the app will find it for you.

Having clear, descriptive names for all your files is a great way to stay organized, so renaming your existing files might be a worthwhile project. It makes your document repository look clean and easy to navigate, and you’ll thank yourself later!

Don’t Miss out on Benefits AI File Name Generator Has to Offer

Smart Naming is a killer feature for anyone who scans and works with documents: it saves time and space on your device and prevents premature frown lines from long and frustrating file searching! Be sure to try Smart Naming and score the amazing benefits of a well-organized digital filing cabinet—install iScanner now if you don’t have it yet or update to the most recent version on the App Store.