28 feb 2024

AI Rewriter to Transform Texts on the Go: Recast, Revise, and Repurpose, All on Your Phone

If words don’t come easy to you and any writing task quickly becomes a pain in the rear, an AI rewriter tool can be your ultimate painkiller. No matter where you are in your career or education, you can leverage an AI rewriter tool to rewrite, change the tone, and improve the flow of your texts in no time, be they digital or hard copies. Intrigued by the hard copies part? Keep reading to find out how you can get an AI rewriter to interact with printouts.  

How to Use AI Rewriter with Hard Copies

Amazing AI productivity tools are nothing new at this point but they belong in the digital world, right? How do you make them work with analog stuff? Well, we at iScanner, decided to bridge the gap and integrate AI productivity tools, such as AI rewriter, AI translator, and AI summarizer into our mobile scanner app. Now, you can use all the AI tools with any hard copies by simply scanning them first. 

Here’s how to make it work: 

  1. Open iScanner and tap the AI chat window.
  2. Next, the app will prompt you to select a document—tap Select. 
  3. Now, tap Add from Camera and scan whatever it is you want to work with. 
  4. Once done, you can choose one of the prompts in the app or come up with your own. 
  5. The output will appear in a chat box. You can copy it or ask the app to change it further. 
use AI rewriter with hard copies

How to Use AI Rewriter with Digital Documents

The flow is similar except simpler because you won’t need to scan this time—tap Select, choose the location where your document is stored, and use the app’s prompts or feel free to come up with your own. 

How to Use AI Rewriter with Any Text 

In the iScanner app, you can also use AI rewriter with any piece of text, not necessarily in a document. You can copy and paste it or type it in into the dialog box and ask the app to rewrite, proofread, or translate it. 

 How Can AI Rewriter Boost Your Productivity

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The short answer—in an infinite number of ways. But here are a few: 

Use AI Rewriter to Repurpose Existing Documentation 

Be it a contractor agreement, employee contract, or a report, you can ask AI rewriter to replace irrelevant names, addresses, company names, and other details and use the same template to save yourself hours of time. 

Rewrite and Optimize Product Descriptions 

If you’re a small business owner, an AI rewriter tool can help you create awesome product descriptions much faster and even optimize them for search engines—simply ask it to rewrite a description using relevant keywords. With the added bonus of being able to digitize anything from a document displayed on a computer screen to a physical poster, writing descriptions can become ten times more effective and efficient. 

Create and Reuse Your Content 

The AI rewriter tool can power up your content marketing game by spinning your texts for various platforms and social media while preserving the key message. 

Draft Emails in No Time 

The AI rewriter can also be super helpful if emails awaiting your reply are piled up—use it to change the tone of voice or repurpose an existing draft by replacing any irrelevant details with the relevant ones much faster. By the way, you can ask the app to whip up a reply from scratch as well. 

Do Research Much Faster 

The Ask AI window in the app has more in store for you than a rewriter—it can also summarize texts. This can be a game-changer for when you have research of any kind to do. Rather than poring over an article, simply stick it in iScanner and read a succinct summary or ask questions. 

Improve Flow and Polish Your Texts

AI rewriter in the app can be super helpful if you’re not exactly confident about your writing, for example, when you have to write in a foreign language or are in a hurry. It can check for grammatical, punctuation, syntactic, or logical errors in seconds in various languages. It can also improve readability or point out bits that are unclear.  

Sync and Continue Where You Left off on Any Device

If you like the sound of this mobile AI rewriter but are a bit unsure how it’s going to work if you need to save your progress and continue on your computer, you can rest assured knowing that the app can synchronize files on all your devices regardless of the platform. Simply log in to your iScanner account and continue exactly where you left off. iScanner also easily integrates with various cloud services—check out this post for more details on that.