06 jun 2021

Put Your Office in Your Pocket

The world is quickly moving toward the digitization of every document, and more people are getting excited about the idea of fitting an entire office in their pocket. We are very lucky to be able to transform any paper into a digital copy, which can then be stored and edited on our computers and mobile devices. Contracts, student notes, business cards, grocery lists, receipts, brainstormed ideas – all of these can be easily digitized and stored with mobile scanning applications. The mere thought of organizing these numerous docs and files on your phone can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! What if we tell you that there is a solution – something that allows you to do everything on your phone without feeling stressed out. Sound good? Then keep reading.

Scan in a Snap

When it comes to scanning a document for digital file storage, you’d rather it be saved in a portable document format (PDF file). iScanner, a full-fledged scanning app from BPMobile, lets you turn paper-based documents into JPG and PDF files, and with its patch scanning feature, you can create digital copies of dozens of pages within seconds. The app uses OCR (optical character recognition) to convert images into text and supports over 20 languages.

Store & Protect

Once you’ve taken a picture, consider where it should be stored. The scanning app can save the images directly to the cloud (Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive) and promises a high level of data security. BP Mobile guarantees that all scanned or exported documents will be stored locally on the user’s devices, and neither the company nor any third-party can access them.

For an extra layer of security, there are numerous options to protect all confidential files by locking each of them individually or in folders. iScanner offers PIN, password, Face or Touch ID protection for you to choose.

Manage Docs like a Pro

The biggest advantage of using the iScanner app is that it satisfies your personal document management needs. The File Manager feature makes it possible to organize all your scanned documents the way you want. Whether you need ID and passport copies for all your family members before going on holidays or you need to store contracts, partner agreements, billings, and receipts while travelling for business – the app makes your life easier by automatically recognizing documents and placing them all in the right folder. It will take only a few minutes to create all the folders and subfolders you need, drag & drop your files, and sort them out by name, date, or using custom sorting options. All that can save quite a bit of time. Besides, it’s always good to separate your business and personal life.

Do More in Less Time

How many times a day do people have to search for a document on their phone? Even with a push for paperless offices today, we still remain big archivists. We keep filling our mobile phones with docs, photos, screenshots, receipts. Finding the right document can sometimes give you a headache… With iScanner, everything is where you need it, easily searchable and instantly available. Contracts, passports, insurance, driver’s license, tax documents – all your important documents are always at hand, automatically sorted into folders and conveniently displayed either in Grid View or List View.

There are also some advanced editing features, which let you add annotations and e-signatures to your documents, making them look more professional. Finally, you can easily share your scans in any convenient way or print them right from the app.

Today most mobile scanners are packed with significant additional functionality that goes beyond basic scanning. This is understandable: all play and no work makes an iPhone just an expensive toy. So we expect it to help us handle most, if not all, of our daily tasks. There are endless choices of apps that keep you on schedule, turning your paper docs into digital copies.

But when you are really hard at work and need a reliable app to scan, store, manage, and organize your files, you can depend on iScanner. It comes with more business-oriented features for superior image quality and text recognition and gives an incredible amount of control for both scanning and document management processes. Scan, edit, keep track of all your docs, and never lose a single one!