29 jul 2021

Keep Information You Don’t Want Anyone to See Secure

Want to make some pieces of information in your documents invisible? Have mistakes you’d like to cover? 

iScanner is introducing Hide—a new feature providing additional useful PDF editing options.

How can it help me, you might ask? Seems like a reasonable question. Read on to find out more. 

The Hide mode is able to (surprise, surprise!) hide those parts of your documents that you don’t want to be seen. How great is that? The hidden information won’t be visible in the exported version but can always be restored in the app.

The Hide feature has two tools—Cover and Blur.

The Blur tool allows you to obscure and pixelate the selected area in the colors of the document to the point of unreadability. How does it work? You tap the document and expand the frame to cover the area you need to hide. That’s it! Now your secret information is safe.

The Cover tool covers up the selected area. You can choose one of the suggested colors or use Color Picker to accurately determine the color of the paper to make corrections inconspicuous. No one will ever notice that your documents have been changed.

Download the iScanner app and try Hide—see for yourself how simple and effective it is!