23 nov 2023

iScanner Enhances Document Quality and Helps Users Scan on the Go

In a recent interview with HostingAdvice.com, our Brand Strategist, Irina Rogachova, discussed a variety of topics. Irina touched upon the growing importance of sustainability in today’s business landscape. She highlighted the significant shift towards a paperless lifestyle, shedding light on how businesses can actively contribute to environmental conservation through digital practices. Irina provided in-depth commentary on why so many small business owners choose iScanner, highlighting the specific features of the app that align with the needs of small businesses. Such features are what make it a preferred choice for entrepreneurs seeking efficient and sustainable solutions. You’ll find a quick preview below, and the full scoop is waiting for you right here.

The team behind iScanner, a PDF scanner app, understands scanning and that getting the most polished look for your document isn’t always easy. That is why iScanner has developed an AI-powered document management and scanning platform to help users get the most professional-looking copy every time, no matter where they are.

Artificial intelligence has transformed so many processes and document scanning is just the latest challenge. AI has helped iScanner make the scanning process much simpler and has also made more capabilities possible. Not only does it help remove imperfections, but it also helps edit documents.

“​Our users depend on us to make their business documents look professional. So we set a bar for our team to eliminate all imperfections, some you can’t imagine when you scan something,” said Irina.

iScanner has trained its AI algorithm to meet the various needs of its users by creating options for different environments, angling, lighting, and other scanning conditions. Whether you take a scan of a document in your hand or on a small table at the park, iScanner can ensure it comes out right and looks like an actual digital PDF.

The iScanner team’s research has also allowed them to develop a set of features to correct any mishaps, including blurs and shadows. Irina’s favorite is the finger eraser, which erases captured fingers from your scans and replaces them with the document’s original background.

“Our latest update is an Ask AI feature, which is based on ChatGPT. And basically, it helps people summarize, proofread, ask questions, rewrite, and do anything you want with the content of your documents,” said Irina.

The iScanner app allows users to do a lot with their content, including extracting text, numbers, and images to reuse for other documentation. It also enables signatures and stamping. Irina said iScanner facilitates the complete cycle from scanning physical documents to analyzing and editing digital PDFs.

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