21 feb 2024

7 Game-changing Features of iScanner PRO

If you deal with lots of documents and often need to work on the go, iScanner Pro might be an investment that will pay dividends in time saved, efficiency gained, and frustrations avoided. Here are seven features of iScanner Pro that can push the needle in terms of how quickly you can get document-related work done. 

Find Documents in No Time with the AI Search Feature 

Did you know that scouring folders for documents can turn Bruce Banner into the Hulk faster than realizing the glasses were on his head the whole time? Having to comb through dozens of files can annoy the heck out of anyone, especially if you’re in a hurry. This is why we’ve designed two features that will do it all for you! Name Search will find any document in your repository in seconds by its name and Content Search—by a keyword which can be any word or even a number that might be in the document you’re looking for. Simply type it into the search bar and locate your document in seconds without elevating your blood pressure. 

Ask AI: Find Info in Your Documents, Rewrite, Translate, and Summarize Text in Seconds

Looking for a piece of information in a lengthy document is hardly nicer than sifting through files in search of the one you need. The Ask AI feature in iScanner allows you to ask your document any questions and get back an answer—no need to skim through text. And that’s not all it does—the feature can also rewrite, translate, and summarize text. The best part is that it works with digital documents and hard copies alike—simply scan your hard copy first. If you work with texts of any kind a lot, Ask AI can save hours of your time.

Green Tea, No Sugar; Perfect Scans, No Fingers

Ever been in a situation where you needed to scan something while holding it with your hand? Then you know about the annoying side effect that goes with it—fingers on your scans. iScanner Pro can fix it. The app has an AI feature that detects captured fingertips on scans and removes them, filling the gaps with a blending background color. 

Deblurring Tool

If some of your scanned documents came out blurry and you don’t have the originals, don’t fret because image deblurring is now for documents too! Try iScanner’s Deblur feature which is a deep-learning algorithm that can take out various types of motion and focus blur. It might save the day sometime if you find yourself with a blurred scan, minutes before the deadline, and no source doc available.

Scan Straightener 

Scanning books can be a real pain because the pages tend to curve near the binding. Similarly, old photographs and labels always seem to curl inwards, messing up the scans and making them look wonky and hard to read. But guess what? iScanner has got a solution for this too! With one tap, Scan Straightener flattens the pages and straightens out any warped text lines. So if you’re someone who often scans book pages, trust us, you need this tool in your arsenal.

A Safe for Your Documents

iScanner’s data protection system, Remote Logout feature, and PIN code protection in the app will protect your files against cyber threats or in case of device loss or theft for free. But those who opt for the Pro version will be able to use a very special kind of folder which we named Safe. Firstly, you can completely hide it and all the files inside and secondly, it allows you to create a decoy folder that will display decoy content if anyone but you opens it—check out how it works here

Extract Text and Tables, Edit and Convert PDFs with OCR 

Not all OCR tools are equal and most will fail dismally with documents that are rich in images or contain tables. They pose no problem for iScanner’s algorithm, though—you can recognize and edit PDFs containing tables and images just like any others. What’s more, you can delete, insert, and merge columns and rows in a table. To top it off, the algorithm recognizes 23 languages, knows special characters like â, ß, ø, and is accurate even in poor lighting.