24 jun 2021

Solve Math Problems and Equations on the Go

Today education is undergoing fundamental transformations. The number of new educational platforms, learning styles, and teaching methods is mushrooming, making it essential to come up with ideas to optimize the educational process and help students and educators cope with the avalanche of innovations. Luckily, we have access to advanced technologies that come to our rescue when we need to make things easier.

An app that can do math

A few years ago we couldn’t even imagine that our phones would be able to help our children with their homework. Today it has become a reality thanks to the iScanner app.

Though iScanner was conceived as a multifunctional tool for scanning, editing, and organizing documents, now it is much more than that. It can count objects, measure areas, and solve math problems and equations on the go. 

The ability to do math has turned iScanner into a go-to app for those teaching and learning. This feature has significantly increased its popularity, bringing the number of its downloads to 70 million. Now the iScanner app is loved and trusted not only by businesses, small and large alike, but also by educational institutions, professors, teachers, students, and schoolchildren around the world. 

How to use it

The Math mode may sound difficult. The truth is that it takes a few seconds for it to solve any math problem or equation. The iScanner app does it automatically and requires only one picture. And it’s available on both iOS and Android!

The first step you should take to get started is open the app and choose the Math mode. Then take a picture of the math problem you want to solve, fitting it into the borders and adjusting the borders if needed. Leave the rest to the app—and in a few moments it will produce the result.

However, mind that the iScanner app is not a magic wand. Although its user-friendliness and accuracy is beyond question, it still needs some support on your part to deliver correct results. Ensure the proper lighting and try to make equations and problems fit into the rectangular frame. This way, iScanner will do everything quickly and efficiently. 

Who is it for

The Math mode was created by iScanner’s developers for all those engaged in the educational process with a view to saving time and increasing the level of satisfaction when dealing with everyday tasks.
It can be used by both students and educators: the former can check whether they have got the right answer (or let the app do everything for them to save time and go outside to play with friends), while the latter can mark their students’ homework faster.

Parents can also considerably benefit from this feature. No more long evenings with a calculator in your hand—open the iScanner app, take a photo of your child’s homework, and get the right answer. It’s as simple as that.

Every day mobile developers devise solutions to make people’s lives easier. These solutions are in line with the transformations that are currently going on in the world around us. The iScanner app is constantly following the latest trends to deliver the most useful and effective solutions for those from every sphere of life. Education is no exception. With the Math mode, every student, parent, and educator has a personal math assistant able to solve any math problem and equation on the go. A great option for today’s hectic world, isn’t it?